Pokemon White 2 Review!

Ah yes… After the triumphant victory in Randomized Emerald, the next goal was to recover from the struggles we had there to defeat the Elite 4 in White 2. Rather fitting how the second review on this webpage is White 2, it still bazare for me to understand that there is a sequel of another pokemon game; but i’m an old guy who hasn’t played any of the newer generations (if you wanted to send hate mail to me for not keeping up with pokemon then send them to my retirement home, okay?). It was agreed that because we had one extreme from the previous game that we would now tone down all the additions, so we are going to play through this game as vanilla. Now this was a struggle itself for me as I got really used to all of the type changes in Emerald, I even questioned if Metal Claw was still fire type!! I’m sure it was hard for our other players to adjust too. Let’s see how they all got on.

We started off with a trying to decide what name we should call our hero. Now we came back after being a Pirate called “R”, as you can guess we was all pretty excited to build our lure with our potential new champion. Thus the name of this was important. Though our creative users had agreed on such a name for our player..

Yes. We really did came from a pirate to an Android. But not just any old android, I’ll let ‘Absolute Madness’ sum up what kind of android we were.




I couldn’t even try better myself. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing these reviews anymore, I should just let Absolute do these. But here I am, being far inferior of absolute and typing away. Who remembers that the rival was almost named HugAAnd too!? That was a cool name but we went back into editing and got set on an even cooler nickname “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Yup, the YTP favourite name is back. And yes, your right eye isn’t lying to you, we did also venture off to purchase an abundance of lemonade too on our adventure! A truly significant moment that I had to add in here. And now let’s review the latter stages of the stream.

In case you didn’t know, we did beat the Elite 4! I’m sure the players there will remember this one for using more revives than your first experience on Dark Souls! We prepared for the latter stages of the game buy buying over 100 revival herbs – and if you managed to die more than that in your first 30 mins of Dark Souls then I’ll share your tears (Ruce RedWings, I’m looking at you here :eyes:). And boy that item abuse was too good! We only just managed to beat the 8th gym because we spammed revival herbs… some were accidentally wasted on pkm that were not even fainted on which did trigger me! But I will rant on about the things that ticked me off in a later section when y’all are bored enough and click away. For now though, let’s jump to the reaction of when we won!

Or…. When at least we thought we won! The Hydreigon was sweeping our pokemon left, right and center with all the crits she managed to pull off! So much so that some of our players thought that this was the final pokemon! We were all worried and wasn’t sure on how to plan to take this Pokemon down. Would we risk it and go for an ice punch or go for the revival herbs which we already spammed sooo much on. In the end we decided to risk it and we got the command wrong?! Typical YTP drama! We used brick break instead of Ice punch but thankfully Funky survived a hit and we managed to get some more of those sweet herbs doing their job. Total item abuse! The Elite Four can’t complain with the amount of Full Restores they spam. The players somehow managed a way to beat them and despite some saying we made it through due to my commands, well I was only doing what y’all suggested we should do! So this is all our victory! Here’s our sweet reaction to the win.

There’s nothing better to celebrate a win without spamming Lemons. We won on the first attempt which was honestly a surprise as we were a good 5+ lvls below what we should had been to be an even face-off. But then I remembered that we’re pros at this by now and we always win because we are the best!… Okay I admit, it was all the herbs… Those revives were the play of the game to be fair, if only there was an action replay for the amount of times we went into the bag. That would make the Champion rage quit if she had to see that replay. It was bad enough for her final move to miss which gave us the chance for us to win in that precise moment.
It’s fair to say that there are less of the “Y E S” football chanting like there were last time with Pokemon Emerald but it’s fantastic to see some of our very own custom emotes being used to celebrate the win! We would like to say a huge thank you for Niprin who became a YouTube Sponsor during this game. Your financial support, as well as everyone else’s has kept our channel running and growing. If you are reading this and wondering on how to become a sponsor then you can click here to find out details on to do this. I’ll also be waiting to see if ‘MrCool1712’ would give out an even cooler reaction than “gg” next time! Though that is pretty tough to do in my opinion!


What’s also great to see is how we all quickly congratulated each other after beating the champion. YouTubePlays wouldn’t be the same fun experience without the users cooperating with each other and making friends while playing. We never fail to let our differences come between us and we stick together to overcome these challenging games. We can’t have this review with this standout quote however:

Again, another user who be better reviewing these streams. Truly well said.

Let’s not forget about our team however! Here is the final summary of those who helped us to become Champion.


So much “AAAA”.. This party saw the return of Arcanine for the 3rd stream in a row! Bork may even keep his place for the next stream with this current form. We also saw Thundergod jnr. do his thing to remember the times of how great that original Thundergod was. I was personally impressed with Funky, I had never trained him before and I was surprised how the little thing was so tanky! He managed to survive from hits from the Champions pokemon like a true Boxer, only to return with a Ice cold punch of his own. They fought through all the battles in their way to complete the game in an impressive time of 91:24. That beats the last game, randomized Emerald by just over a full day!


Alright, so I have a few issues but let’s focus on the issues I have with the game and not anything else. Firstly, why will this game allow you to use an item in battle that will have no effect and waste a turn?! Like, who made that a thing?! That almost cost us the 8th gym leader battle AND the Champion battle. On all the games I played it will just back you out and say you can not use this item. I hope this isn’t a thing on the games after this one. Maybe they will make a White 3 and fix the issue :eyes:. I’ll start using lemonade on fainted pkm to see if they actually fixed the problem on later games now. Another thing I learnt by playing this game is how a pokemon can receive more exp points than another pokemon can against the exact same foe. This was a huge shock for me. For the generations I played on, it was the same for all as the foe has its own difficulties and the experience points are adjusted via the pokemon itself and the level of the pokemon. But now another variable is added which is the level of your own pkm? Sad move in my opinion as I used to enjoy going back to earlier routes in the game to find out what lvl the pkm I needed to train is best to grind at and then stick there. But now with this new way you can just stay in the route with the highest lvl of wild pkm and grind there. This way will accelerate the growth of you weaker pkm now as they will gain more exp than usual per foe. Making it too easy to lvl up weak mons. I don’t know if you guys feel the same about it. I’ll leave the ranting now but maybe it will return in another review… Let’s now finish off with some posts from the Discord page!

I hope you all enjoyed the review! If you have any more thoughts then share them as a comment so they won’t be missed in the void. If there’s anything that we had learnt from this is, whenever you’re in doubt in losing – spam those herbs!

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