Pokemon Soul Silver Review!

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Best review in 2018 Award!


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Don’t go just yet! There’s more to know about what happened in Soul Silver. This stream had more content than my burger did just know, and that was too much to handle as my shirt is now paying the price. Rip shirt, you won’t be forgotten. Enough about me though, let me tell you how wonderful this stream really was.


The Beginning!


Let me start with a *little* story of my origin of Soul Silver as it gives an example of the feel of the whole stream. My first experience on this stream was when I logged in when the others were grinding for the Bugsy gym. We didn’t have too much planned out, we had our lil toto croc, a Zubat and a Bellsprout and an Onix. Not very ideal for the gym, I must admit. So we needed to grind big time. We were feeding on pkm half of our levels for exp that felt like sipping on flowing water in a shallow, rocky river. *Something I don’t advise doing, you never know what else can be lurking in there..* 

When we got tired of this, we decided to talk about our current party and that is when we took the decision to walk all the way back to the dark cave to catch our Dunsparce. Took a while in the dark, with some users who believed that was never going to last a day in our team also watching. But me and Radical Cid stuck with trying to find the Dunsparce as we knew what the little dragon/snake thing can do! We wanted to use the Dunsparce for the first time on YTP for over a year, since Shiny Gold Sigma and show what the pokemon is capable off. We eventually found one and after 6 or so hours of grinding more, we tackled Bugsby and very narrowly won all thanks to Rocky the Onix. I really didn’t see coming myself! Even the Zubat was no good, and I personally boxed him which made me cry inside – seeing a fellow bat being dropped. I thought that having two poison type pkm would hinder us big time in the future and as the Zubat fainted in the gym battle, it would be too late for us to get Crobat. However, that rival battle after leaving Azalea was a blow for us. We didn’t have any counter against his pkm and we got wiped easily. The team wasn’t ideal yet for the tougher battles as we didn’t cover our weaknesses well, but we stuck with it and carried on grinding as we liked the pkm we chosen so far. I was convinced to withdraw back the Zubat as a counter for the Meganium which i was reluctant but I was reminded of how we shouldn’t turn our back on pkm that we chosen and love. As soon as we did, we beat the rival and kept the Zubat.

That’s the end of my first day playing. Shortest story ever, am I right? Thinking back to it reminds me of how much trust we had in the individuals of the pokemon team that we chosen and we stuck them together, despite not worrying too much about what our weaknesses were. It was almost like we had picked up our trainer notebook and threw it at Wally to read. What was also great about the team is that it included members that we hadn’t used in a while, mixed in with one or two stream favourites. Which felt so refreshing to me personally and that made the stream more chill. That and mostly the chaos was over on the second stream at Pokemon Sun and Omega Red! It was so relaxed to be apart this team and we really enjoyed watching our underdog of a party perform to beat the game and to capture our hearts.


Meet the Team!


The final team is as follows: ????????✨?????, that’s “King Bat, gatorboat, cute, JellyBean, Dunny and Lemonana”… You’re still confused aren’t you? Well they are Crobat, Feraligatr, Mamoswine, Tentacruel,  Dunsparce and Victreebel. Again, not the most ideal set up for a team but we loved playing with this team. Take a look at them, you would fall in love with them too if they pose like this for your photos.



Beautiful. Just beautiful. And yes, you are seeing that correctly. I really had not mentioned our shiny pokemon at all in the first 689 words of this review. We captured a legit shiny while grinding for Jasmine’s gym on the surfing route surrounding the whirl islands. I was truly stunned that we managed to find AND THEN catch a shiny, it has been too long since our last in YTP. If I had to summarize how the chat was at the time it would be like “WOWOWOWWWOWOWOWOWW”, mostly from my spams too! There was also doubt to include her on the team, but I loved Jellybean as soon as she appeared and I wanted to celebrate the exact moment that we caught a shiny by keeping her on the team. Which really did mean we had 3 poison types! We had to grind a whole day alone for the Sabrina gym because of it!?! No regrets though as the team was amazing. There was so many “onix-pected” moments that the team produced. Like the time Dunny almost swept Jasmine with Rollout, and the time where Dunny used yawn to sleep Lance’s Dragonite with quick claw, and the time when Dunny survived a hit from Red’s Lapras’s Blizzard that was more than 20 lvls higher than it! Pretty much, Dunny was MVP of the stream, and this picture sums his place in the team very well.


I will gladly wait for the time we do a solo run with this pkm. Maybe next time we play silver! Please!! 

We named our Swinub, “cute” as that snow pig is way more adorable than me, despite what Ruce Redwings thinks! It is also referencing a user called Swinub iscute and they also recently became a YouTube Member at YouTube Plays so I want to give a huge thank you to them for help supporting our community! We even have a video from MewKirby showing how we caught the Swinub and that can be seen if you click here


Champion Battle!


Now let’s talk about one of the major highlights in the stream, that 50 minute battle with Lance. Oh my Arceus, that headbutt on Gyarados! I did ask whether we should yawn plenty of times before and then there was a suggestion to use rollout straight on but we somehow got confused and picked neither!!! Headbutt did as much damage as a poke from your little cousin when they are being nice. Gyarados just took it on the chin and knocked Dunny out cleanly. This Gyarados did actually pose a huge threat as we didn’t have any electric moves at the time, we were even 5-10 levels behind too!! So we just had to wear it down with some of our other pkm.

Finally that was over with, we then had to tackle these 3 dragonites and they brought a lot of fun to the table. We was hoping on Cute to sweep them buuuut… That didn’t go quite as planned! Dragon rush was enough to sweep us, with few can only just stand a hit from it. It got so bad that we were down to our last 2 pokemon when we were on the second dragonite, but that is where it all changed. This Dragonite must had stumbled his way to the Indigo Plateau with Lance as it seems like this dragon had way too much alcohol to drink before the fight! We had our gatorboat fearing the worst and everytime we saw the dragonite use dragon rush, i had my toes clenching. But it missed!! Almost every single time! It was unbelievable. We managed to revive our whole team because of this Dragonite missing their attacks. It was that bad for Lance. I recommend going to the bar less when you have an important trainer battle next time! I even promised that Dragonite a beer after we fainted him so I need to get hold of Lance and arrange a night out with them together. However it was “not yet snake, it’s not over yet!” We still had the level 50 Dragonite to beat, which had the fire punch ready to faint Cute in one blow. With no other choice to damage it down, we took a gamble with Dunny once again and prayed. With one yawn in, that could give us enough time for Cute to finish this battle off for once and for all. Before i knew what happened, I saw “QC” and “Quick Claw!” spammed in the chat. The plan worked like a charm! Just as sweet as the lemonade I’m currently drinking right now! We let Cute knock down the strongest Dragonite and the Aerodactyl soon went down with it. We won. Only because of the drunken Dragonite and our amazing team! This is how we all reacted to the win!





As you can see, the reactions went on for a while which is deservedly so! The battle did take so long and it was almost lost at a few points there too so we all did well to turn it over and get a win on the first attempt at Lance. In fact, this was the 4th run attempt overall. As soon as we got past that tank of a Slowbro that Will has, we got past and beaten the rest! I always do like to see the spam of emotes to celebrate, along with the CAP SPAM! Here is our team again in full glory of beating the Champion.



In a respectable time of 110 hours and 51 mins, we became champions once again. This took 20 hours longer than what White 2 did on the previous review though we had fun with this team!


Time To Go Kanto!


The majority did vote to carry on into post-game as we were in so much awe with this team. Being already under levelled for the champion battle, you can only imagine how unprepared we were for this stage! I remember facing up against Erika and we struggled to take down the Tangela, of all mons she had! Despite having so many counters against grass, we only just scraped through that battle. And then we thought it would be a good idea to try the psychic gym next! We got beaten so faster than you can name your favourite pokemon! That Alakazam was just far too much for our whole team.

For those who had played the game before, at this stage in the game it is reasonably hard to grind as there are a lack of trainers in the area. However we had Swinub iscute researching up all the trainer rebattles through the pokegear and i was surprised how useful this actually worked! I would recommend doing this all the time. There are particular trainers you can battle over and over depending on the time of day it is, just simply call them; beat them, steal their lunch money, and call them again! It was that simple! We grinded so much this way and it was a huge boost for our exp and money. It was actually fun doing this too. It was also a good way to grind all our pkm as we didn’t even had the exp share to help either!!! The trainers I would like to give a shout out would be: Brent, Vance, CHAD, ERINNNNN!!! And the rest. There were plenty of them, too much for me to remember obviously. We even battled Joey with his amazing Raticate and Wade with his level 50 Butterfree! Which was my personal highlight of the stream, I would like to see Wade tackle the Elite 4 with his final stage pokemon.

At this stage, it was pretty much daily routine of finding a few trainers to stack up more exp and money and then Gym. We were still under levelled of course, but we had enough full restores to make up for that. Liiiike about 115 of them. That’s enough to become Champion 50 times over! The Blue gym fight was also in our favour as a yawn from Dunny using Quick Claw against the Machamp give us the time to take that pokemon down and we could work the rest out from their easier. I personally only caught 5 minutes of Red too. From what I saw, it was full of switching to Jellybean, the shiny Tentacruel to resist Red’s pkm and reviving 2-3 pkm in that time and using them to attack. Every plan that we had previously did not quite work out. Cute never out sped the Pikachu, Lapras also took out Lemonana the Victreebel before she could use Leaf Storm. We had to rely on item abuse and that brought us the final victory. Congrats to Hyper Spark on that as he was the one who lead that battle. A lot of people had their doubts whether we were ready and it looked real tough from when i saw it. Likewise with other streams, once we all agree on a final point and reach it we move on. There are so many regulars, including myself that will miss this team. It was a total misfit in terms of typings though we stuck together and made them work. Despite the many setbacks we also went through, this one was one to remember for the good times we had. Thanks for all that played with me to make it a fun time! I hope there are many more streams like this to come. Be sure to comment on your personal highlights as i’m sure I missed a lot on this review.




Yes! That’s right, we are doing a giveaway on this post! To celebrate that we captured a shiny tentacool, Me Me the user was so generous enough to giveaway a Shiny Tentacruel of his own! How awesome is that?! Here is the Tentacruel itself for proof.



A level 50, pokerus Tentacruel could be yours! You can enter by leaving any comment down below on this page and we will do a random draw for the winner on Friday 17th, 5PM BST (midday, EDT). Any comment after that time will not be included in the draw. I will personally try and contact the winner though a message over on Discord or either other platform we have (YouTube, Youtubeplays.com). What a great way to reminisce our very own Jellybean! A huge Thank you again to Me Me as without this man, we would not be able to do this giveaway at all. So when y’all see him, send him a huge lemon to say thank you for being so kind to us! The draw will be redone if the winner can not trade on the required games needed.
*Update: Noobsampsuli won the giveaway!*


Discord Highlights


Now onto the final part of the review. These are the parts I handpicked from reading over the discord chat while the game was live. I hope you enjoyed reading this review and looking over these highlights. Be sure to comment and tell me your favourite part of the stream. I’ll see you all next on the YouTube Channel playing alongside you!

10 Replies to “Pokemon Soul Silver Review!

  1. ??–??–??–??✨–??–???
    Sad I missed the Champ battle because of internet problems, but this was one of the most fun (Rival to the Extreme Emerald) games to play with everyone.

    Also glad I managed to inspire Gaterboat into becoming… Gaterboat!

    Dunny MVP

  2. so proud of our boi Dunny! future generations will now know the greatness that is Dunsparce! I really wish I was around for this stream more. This was definitely the freshest team we’ve every had.

  3. I am glad dunsparce got the spotlight here, it is a pokemon that not many people use. It’s movepool is no joke and its ability is really good as well. If only dunsparce had better stats it would have been perfect. And this playthrough was great, it wasn’t completely filled with trolls like Pokemon Sun. Although we did get our pokemon released a lot, and the black screen glitches. It still was a good stream.

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