Pokemon Randomized Emerald Has Been Completed!

Yes, that’s right! R and the crew had defeated the Elite four in our extreme randomizer! And this was our initial response to our wonderful victory..

The players were very quick to celebrate on the win! With many shouting along with their keyboards and others using emojis to show their reaction. It’s always great to see the community so happy over a well and hard fought victory! Seeing all our efforts to complete such a difficult task is simply amazing. Though this was not such an easy one at all. This was because all the Pokemon had random types/moves/stats, it was very confusing to keep it with it all. It was hard enough trying to remember what the elite four pokemon types were, but I still simply forgotten our own typings!! Please don’t ask me what types our final team were, but here is those Pokemon in the hall of fame!



Firstly we had “D J ” the Dodrio! D J  had her trouble fitting in the team, especially being dropped out initially as she was falling behind on levels at one point! Though i put in a strong case for him to be reconsidered as he had huge potential, and showed that she did. She eventually become our strongest physical attacker!
Now “Poq” the Shiftry had been the MVP for many battles on our road to becoming champ. With godlike stats and a Thunder Punch as strong as Zeus’s, there was nothing stopping Poq… Unless the foe used a ground type move!
This Wailord is baring the infamous “AAAAAAA” that many pokemon before with legendary status within our community, like Ampharos the Thunder God once had. This Wailord was labelled “ledgelord” after it being caught on the ledges of Meteor falls, it was fate that we had to catch her after having so much fun jumping down those very ledges. She had amazing HP and attack that gave her the chance to be an amazing counter with the move revenge, which worked a charm!
Her and “oodoggo” the Mightyena  were vital in taking down the final pokemon of Wallace as they were immune to the Venusaur’s attacks. Oodoggo dealt the final blow in which was an epic standoff between toxic and full restore spam by the champion. But we prevailed and oodoggo took us to victory!
The other pooch, Arcanine was called “Rk9”. Do you get the pun?! Well I always wanted this pokemon to be called HailRuce or Bork 2 for the fallen one in Red Chapter Adventures. But the name is good! What even was better was his move pool when we first caught him, 3 moves were above 100 power!! Talk about overpowered! I was surprised to see him enter our team as i thought it had already been set but Rk9 was the right choice to replace the much beloved “MCNUUB” the Gligar.
And now to say a few words about “GABLQG” the Typhlosion, or “Gab” for short. We really thought it was our starter pokemon, but in fact it was actually that torchic we first caught and evolved to another Typhlosion!! Acting out as the phantom of the legendary starter pick, Gab battled so hard that it would make even Big Boss proud. Here are the final levels of the party. Take a moment to say goodbye to our Pokemon :sob: I will miss them.



Now enough of my applauds the party, it time to hear of what you think! Here are a few snapshots of comments briefly after becoming champ:



I’m sure i missed out on notable ones and i’m sorry! Be sure to comment on your thoughts too so they won’t be missed!
Now to send off this first (of many hopefully!) news page of the stream review, here are those highlighted discord posts.



And there we go! I hope you all enjoyed reading the review! The game took 129:32 to complete and it was really fun for me to be apart of it with all of you lot! Though.. We can’t send this off before remembering one last thing… Jirachi, this one is for you.


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  1. What a fresh addition to out ytp world. I can’t wait for future reviews, this is so wholesome and a cool way to highlight the adventure.

  2. This is just pure awesome,I cannot remember the amount of friends,the bad and good moments there we’re,this was by far my favorite champion battle in YouTube Plays!

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