HAL 9000

HAL 9000 – Discord Bot

HAL 9000 is an Discord Bot with some useful and some not so useful commands.


HAL 9000 Features

  • $ping is the health check command HAL should always reply with pong if the bot is alive.
  • $pun is the jokes module administrators can add and remove jokes for HAL to tell a joke when is asked for.
    • $pun returns a randomly selected joke.
    • $pun add joke here adds the joke to the guild jokes list.
    • $pun get {id} returns the joke with given id.
    • $pun remove {id} removes the joke with given id.
    • $pun help prints the command structure.
  • $purge module deletes the messages of the users.
    • $purge mine {num} deletes only users last {num} messages.
    • $purge {num} delete last {num} messages can be only used by administrators of the channel.
    • $purge @{member} {num}  deletes last {num} messages of the @{member}.
  • $flip command flips a coin and returns heads or tails.
  • $cookie module allows owner of the server to give cookies to members for their good deeds. In return, members can exchange cookies for good deeds.
    • $cookie give @{member} {num} gives {num} cookies to @{member} if typed by owner else it transfers cookies from user to @{member}.
    • $cookie shows number of cookies user has.
    • $cookie take @{member} {num} removes {num} cookies from the @{member} only can be used by owner.
  • $mastermind module generates random 4 hearts from colored hearts:heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::black_heart: . User tries to guess the combination by typing :heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart: 4 hearts and HAL gives tips with :white_circle::black_circle: white and black circles. White circle means one heart is correct color but wrong place. Black circle means one of the hearts is correct color and the correct place.
  • $filter module filters banned words from the use.
    • $filter add {word} adds the word to banned list.
    • $filter remove {word} removes the word from banned list.
    • $filter on {-w} {num} {-r} {rank} {-b} {-k} starts the filter. if {-w} {num} option is present HAL warns member {num} times before further action, if {-r} {rank} option is present HAL removes members all roles and adds {rank} role (Typically used for jailing the member). If {-k} option is available HAL kicks user after warning. If {-b} option is available HAL bans user after warning.