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AC here! Aka, Air Conditioner Gaming! I’m an admin that lurks and does back work configuration with channels. I love teaching new things to people and get along with most people. Forgive me if I am busy, I’ll try to resolve an issue with upmost attitude. Some background information, I’m 21 years old and previous Manager on a Pixelmon server. I like mozzarella sticks and I live in the middle of no where in America. Noragami is my favorite anime and any wish I see in ModMail will cost you 5 yen!


Heya! I’m MegaGlaceon and I’m a long term member and Moderator on the discord channel. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and have a habit of being very sarcastic. However, I’m always open to talk and get to know anyone better. Other than playing pokemon, I enjoy playing soccer and softball, rooting for the Bills , playing my cello, and drawing.

Senior Moderators


Hey! I’m MewKirby, one of the nice mods on YouTubePlays. You can always ask me for help if you need me, I won’t mind. YouTubePlays is a great community so I’d love to help when I can.



Hi I’m Ruby. I am a person who exists and a Pokemon fan. I am currently a staff in the YouTubePlays Server. You can find me on any social media site because of why not. I am a very nice person but will be strict sometimes. Welcome to YouTubePlays and have fun with me and the rest of our staff team!

Roll (RollyPolly)

I’m a pretty active mod that likes to lurk around the server (I got no life) and relax with the guys around YTP. I can be pretty silly and weird at times but hey, that’s how I Roll. I’m a very kind person so don’t worry I don’t bite, you can ask me anything 😀

John (King John)

Hello peeps I’m a chill mod from the YouTube plays community if you need me for anything just ask I’m happy to help I don’t bite and if you just want to talk to me my dms are always open.