Become a Youtube Member Today!

Hey all, YouTube Membership is a new addition to our streams and they include some nice perks while playing along to our streams! For instance, imagine being able to play our game with no spam filter blocking your messages every so often… Well that can now happen if you become a member to YouTubePlays via YouTube Gaming! You will have no spam filter, as well as access to custom emotes to enjoy while communicating with our friends and reacting to some epic gameplay.
YouTube Membership is a set fee paid monthly via a debit/credit card that can be easily cancelled at anytime. You will appear in the chat as a YouTube Member as you play and the perks are awarded instantly. You can find out how to become a member if you click here.
YouTube Memberships and any other source of donation is highly appreciated and thanks to all that have funded our YTP community so far. See you all on the channel!

Daniel Swinford

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