YouTubePlays Mods


Your friendly neighborhood YouTuber robot. Started doing YouTubePlays at Nov 24, 2016. Since then had lots of sweet and salty memories with the people who joined this community. I love this community and proud to serve this community. Also, I am always searching for new interesting ideas and extensions to this channel. Please let me know if you get a spark of brilliance .

Ruce RedWings

From the glorious original Red Team, Ruce’s only purpose in life is to spam test messages on the streamings and to make Touhou references in YouTubePlays highlights videos. If there’s anything you want, anything at all… ping me. I’ll be your guardian angel. I shall become the wings of rebellion that breaketh thy chains of captivity. Or I’ll just do a soft reset. Let’s all love Lain.


Ello I am Lest, a YouTube mod on YouTubePlays :cat: I’m that one calm cat that has been mod here since July 2017. My favorite games are pokemon mystery dungeon 2, digimon and rune factory.


Kevin M

Your friendly neighborhood moderator. Pretty layed back but tough when needs to be. He is here to serve.

Shiny Jirachimaster The Immortal

I am Jirachi a friendly kind mod that has been in YouTubePlays community for over a year now. I hate lemons and shaymins. I may be cute but if u anger me I could be vicious.

Daniel Swinford

Hi! Yes, I was that old man who used to catch every male Zubat and female Geodude and spent all the Pokedollars on lemonade! How did I get YouTube Mod? – I don’t even know!? But I do love coming online and seeing our community play together in beating these games and making great memories of it. Here’s to more of those moments! 

Leo Red

Hi my name is Leo Red. I am not as active as I like to be (mostly because Australian internet is really bad) I still like to keep a eye on the streams while I can and I’m always on if you need me,.I have been with YouTubePlays community for over a year now and I owe a lot to this place for help me cope and deal with the passing of one of my loved one, I came originally to keep my mind off it but the people here were so nice and I had so much fun I decided to stay and I’m so happy that I did since now I have the power to help others on the streams like they did for me, thank you for reading this I hope you have a good day and @me if you need me.


Yo, it’s YTP | Kurama. Nah, not really, I’m not sponsored by YouTubePlays or anyone for that matter. Ever since I found this channel while browsing through YouTube, I fell in love and was voted in as a mod back in June of 2017. Now I spend my time helping the streams be a better place, and play Smash and FighterZ semi-competitively in my off time.

Me Me

Tom and Jerry is the best anime.



Emile Heskey