Stream Rules

What Can Lead To A Timeout

  1. No Trolling, This Being The Biggest Rule, The Following Is Considered “Trolling”
  2. Spamming – Excessive Spamming Of Commands, Words, Or Phrases That Bothers Other Players
  3. Foul And Harsh Language – Using Heavy Amounts Of Curse Words / Racist Or Discriminatory Statements
  4. Demeaning Other Players – Such As Bullying, Calling Names, etc.
  5. Disrespecting A Mod- If You Have A Problem With A Mod, Report Them To Mods In Discord
  6. Using Alternate Or Fake Accounts To Evade Timeouts Or Bans
  7. Advertising – This Is An Instant Timeout
  8. If Caught About To Release a Pokemon or such, will result in Auto-Timeout. If continued, or successful, will result in a ban.

How To Be A Good Stream Viewer

  1. Helping Out Your Fellow Team Mates
  2. Playing The Game Like Normal
  3. Give Advice To Others That Are Trying To Play
  4. Chill With Everyone And Keep A Good Atmosphere

What Can Get You Banned

  1. Releasing Any Pokemon At All – This Is An Auto-Ban, Since It Completely Halts Progress Of The Game
  2. Trolling After Hours, Or Spamming Extremely Racial / Vulgar Language With Multiple Accounts
  3. If You Troll For More Than One Hour With 3+ Timeouts, You Are In High Danger Of A Ban

Rules made by Naruwaru