Discord Rules

1: Do not harass/bully any members of the server. The unjust treatment of any of our members will not be tolerated.

2: Do not spam, the type of spam that is not allowed on the server is character spam (aaaaaaa), line break spam,



a), and word spam, (apple apple apple).

3: No advertising is allowed, if seen advertising in DMs/channels it will most definitely result in a ban. If you want YouTube partnership, question @YouTubePlays regarding it.

4: No hate speech/racial terms/politics/cussing. And no obvious swear substitutes, such as one letter off. Please use common sense. If you wish to talk about politics, then consider joining the #serious-topics. If someone disagrees with your ideals don’t argue back and forth. We are here to make friends not enemies.

5: Don’t Post Any NSFW/Inappropriate content.

6: Don’t play music intended to irritate others in Voice Channels.

7: No pinging staff members or roles without a legitimate reason. If there is an issue regarding suggestions, staff questions, or reporting, feel free to DM a staff member the issue.

8: No promotion of any illegal activities/objects.

9. Our mods discretion may be raised on some scenarios. If you believe to be wronged by their judgement, DM an admin about the situation.

10. If you have beef or drama with someone, settle it in DM’s or another server. We don’t want our server to be filled with drama, as it has before.

If any of these rules are broken:

  • First violation: 15 Minute Mute
  • Second violation: 2 Hours
  • Third violation: 12 Hour Mute
  • Fourth violation: Ban

Rules by TAWD#8820 & modified by ChildrenOfTheBees#0420