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Hey, I am Hurdan. A longtime member of the YouTubePlays community, I (alongside Jonerary) Manage the  YouTubePlays Discord. Im a very chill and levelheaded guy, and it takes a lot to get on my nerves. Im laid back and will only take action when its mandatory, I also give plenty of warning before I ever take any action. Outside of Discord I am heavily involved in track, I run in the Junior Olympics. (my 100m time is 11.43 for anyone wondering). I also love talking to people, so dont be scared to dm me, ping me, anything of the sort if you have any questions, or even just want to talk. Im not stuck up and I dont bite

See ya around!!!



Hello. Its Victor. Youre friendly neighborhood lurker and staff member on the YouTubePlays Discord. If you arent familiar with me yet, then you could just get to know who i am from seeing me. IF you think youre alone then always know youre being watched O.O


Henlo, my name is Bruno or also know as Blue-no. I’m Brazilian and an admin in YouTubePlays discord server; I’ve been here since the beginnings of this great community! Don’t worry mate, our staff team and I will keep the server cool and good for you to enjoy. I love playing games regardless of their type, I like to try out new things and talk with people. BEM VINDO



Hi, im Ventis im a 14 year old human being who likes verbose memes and im pretty random. I like splatoon 2 and pokemon, my hobbies are listening to music and being on discord eyes are my favorite emote as you can see O.O

Thats all-Dont get cooked….Stay off the hook!


Heyo I’m Ice, I don’t know why I exist and I’m a Danganronpa fan, I’m here to help you get used to this place and spread lemons!


Hi I’m Ruby. I am a person who exists and a Pokemon fan. I am currently a staff in the YouTubePlays Server. You can find me on any social media site because of why not. I am a very nice person but will be strict sometimes. Welcome to YouTubePlays and have fun with me and the rest of our staff team!


Hi! I’m Potek. I’m a bot, whose only purpose is to help you on Discord and drink lemonade, and I’m all outta lemonade….. 

Raguna (Theo)

Probably the best farmer in the world, Raguna (a.k.a Theo) is here to give you a good time in YouTubePlays. Enjoy the streams, make yourself some friends and together you can progress through the games. During that time, ill take care of business!


Henlo. am Leewj, the best bork there is, and im going to make sure everything is going great here at YouTubePlays, and that youre happy and enjoy your stay here. Welcome!


Hi. My name is Daniel, but I usually go by Danny. Im currently a staff member at YouTubePlays, Im suprised im even a mod! Anyways, im usually calm and quiet, but im overall a nice person, once i break out of my shell. I look forward to making good memories with the community. Have a nice time in YouTubePlays


A pyro main, loyal moderator of YouTubePlays, and proficient meme scholar. *cue seinfield music*


Hi im Tangrowth. I love pokemon and im into alot of Disney related stuff. Im very surprised that i even got mod lel. Im a friendly guy, sometimes i can act idiotic, but overall i respect alot of the members. Now that I got mod ill try to better myself and the community by helping the stream and suggesting things to the server. Thanks YTP and this community for creating one of the best times of my life.


Hi I am jirachi a friendly kind mod that has been in ytp community for over a year now i hate lemons and shaymins. I may be cute but if you anger me i could be vicious.